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DATE : 13-10-29 10:36
Renotonia “The mighty kidney” body type
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Renotonia “The mighty kidney” body type

 People with this condition have kidneys that are much stronger and more powerful than any of the other organs and a weaker pancreas and stomach.

 This body type generally gives people fair skin, low blood pressure, a well developed pelvis and broad shoulders. Because of their body style, formal suits and attire suit them well. They are generally good at most sports or exercise. In addition, as the kidneys are responsible for controlling reproduction they have a strong desire for sexual activity. In relation to their personality, they have a good sense of style and although sensitive they are strong, patient and tolerate others well. Along with this, they have excellent communication skills and are logical thinkers. Therefore, they work well with others and are good at dealing with situations without getting worked up or arguing without cause. As they are logical and critical thinkers and are meticulous in nature they suit a variety of occupations such as entertainers, hoteliers or accountants etc. Their personality and physical make up make them appealing to others. Lastly, they search out good food and take their time to appreciate the taste.

 Their strong kidney affects their digestive system and they can suffer from constipation, indigestion, sunstroke, cold hands and feet. As their colon is longer, the body does not have enough heat to make the stool hard it can be normal to go 2-3 days without passing a stool. This does not cause their body any problems or make them uncomfortable. However, if they eat excessively or eat food which is characteristically cold, it can cause diarrhea or a stomachache.


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