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DATE : 13-10-29 10:34
Colonotonia “The mighty large intestine” body type
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People with this condition have a large intestine that is long and powerful but a weak gallbladder.
 They are logical and analytical thinkers who can easily identify irrational ideas. They are considerate and avoid harm to themselves of any kind. They have a calm and composed personality yet are not often defeated in a dispute. Jobs such as announcers, teachers and researchers where they need to use their heads would suit these people. The large capacity of their lungs and the slow rising heartbeat makes them good and running so they could easily become a marathon runner.

 Some who enjoy alcohol and meat a lot can be affected and it may have a long lasting effect causing them to get angry quickly and become violent. Excessive eating of meat and taking western or oriental medication for a long time also makes them susceptible to diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Dementia. If there are symptoms of any such disease or of quick anger stop medications and don’t eat meat.

 This body type can provide many mental and physical attributes such as intuition, strong ambition and an excellent running ability. However, among the people with this condition, there are some who have intolerance to meat which can cause them to act very hastily and be very controlling. This quick temperament is not because of a bad character but due to their over indulgence in meat making them act impulsively. Because of this, it is assumed that powerful leaders such as Nero and Napoleon had this body type. If people with this meat intolerance mainly eat vegetables and have vegetables as their stable diet they will have a very placid temperament.

 Beneficial foods and activities

 Buckwheat, rice, shellfish, all ocean fish (avoid mudfish), leafy vegetables, seaweed, salt preserved foods, grapes, peaches, mustard, pepper, cocoa, chocolate, dextrose IV drip and grape extract, persimmon vinegar, green tea and small portions of tofu are all good for this body type.

 Swimming, yoga and deep breathing (with an emphasis on long exhalations) are good practices.

 Harmful foods and activities

 All meat (except most fish), mudfish, oils and fats, artificial flavors, flour, milk, coffee, chestnuts, Chinese bellflower, lotus root, turnip, carrot, deer antler, eel, vitamins (A, B and E), any medication, alcohol and cigarettes, atropine injection are all to be avoided. However, millet, sugar, melons, pine nuts, gingko nuts, garlic, oysters and mushrooms are only moderately harmful so if eaten in moderation should not cause too much of a problem.

 Saunas and hot pools should be avoided.


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